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Spirituality, but with both feet on the ground?
Then you’ve come to the right place!

For everyone

In our blog section you will find all kinds of posts about spirituality. Whether you are taking your first spiritual steps or you already have some experience... everyone is welcome!


In our shop you will find all kinds of things that can support you to integrate spirituality into your daily life.
Want a tarot reading in English? Head to our shop!


Barbara is the driving force behind this website. Would you like to ask a question or do you have suggestions? Please contact us and you will receive an answer as soon as possible!

vrouw in yogahouding met hond naast haar. Yoga voor beginners bij Willow Wishes.

Down-to-earth spiritualiteit

It started as a hobby, but Willow Wishes has grown into more.

Make people aware of their being, of their connection with the earth and “the whole” and ensure a mental state of well-being… that is the mission!

That is why we always strive for:


% purity


% authenticity


% service



Giving spirituality a chance in your daily life, only requires a little bit of interest in the subject. A spark!


Learning & Reading

That little spark can grow by reading, talking about it with other people and meditation.



By doing that, spirituality enters your life automatically. You can give it the shape and space you want.

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What Willow Wishes stands for

We've said it all by using the term "daily spirituality". Down-to-earth spirituality also covers what you will find here. Here's some key words describing Willow Wishes:

Inner experience

Spirituality is turning inward, so that you can explore and discover that beautiful inner world.


Spirituality is looking for the source, creating a deeper awareness of what "is" and what "isn't" and not taking everything you see as the truth.


Realizing that - once that inner energy allows it - you can connect with others on a spiritual level.

Free expression

Spirituality starts within yourself, with an open mind to new ideas and other opinions. Dare to express yourself as you are.


Faith does not necessarily equal religion. Believe in yourself, believe in energy, believe in more-than-what-you-can-see... anything is possible.

For everyone

You don't need a degree to bring spirituality into your life. It is an inexhaustible source to take from and give back to, available to everyone.

Services & Products

At Willow Wishes you can go for a dream analysis, tarot reading online (through e-mail) or for various products that can guide you in your spiritual journey (or discovery).

Card reading online (Tarot)

For those who are ready for clarity.
starting from €8

De kaartleggingen gebeuren via mail. Je kan kiezen tussen een legging met één vraag of een uitgebreide legging.

Meer info

Rituals & ritual boxes

For those who need action.
starting from €25Shipping included

Wil je graag - om welke reden dan ook - een ritueel uitvoeren, maar weet je niet goed waar te beginnen? Neem dan een kijkje naar onze rituelendozen!

Naar de shop

Tevreden klanten

Thank you for the nice ritual. I didn't really believe in it, but somehow it has brought me peace of mind.

Roze bloem op website Willow Wishes

The tarot reading was very extensive. Thanks for that. Sincerely, Christine.

Rode bloem op website Willow Wishes (over spiritualiteit)

The fragrance that I bought helps me especially with my self-confidence. I never thought that scent could have such a great effect!

Willow Wishes oranje bloem op spirituele website.

Willow is such a kind soul. You feel her empathy. Her readings are super detailed and accurate. If you’re looking for a good target reader then she’s the best!

Gele bloem op website Willow Wishes als versiering

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