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dream analysis

What is it?

It must have already happened to you: you woke up and had the craziest dream. A dream full of signs, symbols and… it didn’t make any sense.

Dreaming often is our subconscious speaking. It wants to give us a sign or tell us something. That we are on the right track, for example, or vice versa: that we urgently need to take care of our lives or ourselves. In any case, there is always an explanation for the dream you had and there is a link with reality. Dreams aren’t real? Well, they might be if you read them correctly. We can use our dreams as a manual to help us analyze our lives and heading into the right direction.

are useful
are useful
What to do?
Analyze them!
Blauwe auto met roze sokken als droombeeld

When you write down and analyze your dreams, you gain insights. Think of it as the conscious working together with the subconscious.

Willow Wishes

your dream analyzed.

Have you had a dream that you cannot fully explain, but that you would like more information about? Kruip dan in jouw pen, noteer zoveel mogelijk details en omschrijf de droom zo goed mogelijk. Barbara analyseert deze graag voor jou.

That’s possible on payment (you’ll get a profound dream analysis), but also FOR FREE. Then get into your pen, write down as many details as possible and describe the dream as well as you can remember it. Mail us your dream and we will analyze it in our blog.

Would you rather not have the statement of your dreams thrown into the world wide web? Then you can request a dream analysis on payment. Order a dream analysis in our shop and you’ll receive the detailed explanation in your inbox.