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The peacock as a spiritual sign

The peacock as a spiritual sign

You are deep in thought and suddenly there it is: a peacock in front of you. It is a bird that cannot be ignored. The oldest known ornamental bird belonging to the pheasant family is always beautiful to look at… or is there more to it?
When you have the feeling that seeing an animal is a sign at that particular moment, you can be sure that it is! Don’t ignore a feeling that “just happens” to you. Signs are everywhere!

But what does the peacock symbolize?

Symbolism of the peacock

It is commonly said that the peacock is a symbol of freedom. They can walk, swim and fly and are free to go where they please. In many cultures they are therefore said to be a symbol of eternal life because they make the connection between heaven and earth.

Interpreting Symbols

Depending on which culture or religion you view a symbol from, it can give you different insights. We’d advice you to choose for yourself which meaning is most applicable to you. For example, in Buddhist sense, seeing a peacock means that you get the advice to be vigilant or observant. The peacock is often also a symbol of vanity because it shows off its feathers, although you could also interpret the latter as self-confidence…

What does it mean when you see a peacock?

Always read this statement with where you are currently on your life path. Also pay extra attention to what you were thinking about exactly when the peacock manifested itself.
Usually, seeing a peacock means that you can rely on yourself when it comes down to it, you can release your true self and show yourself to the world. This also gives others the chance to see and accept you. Furthermore, it can stand for renewal and attentiveness: go through the fear and enter into the renewal. Pay extra attention to other things that come your way. These signs might give you extra information.

The peacock as a dream symbol

When you see the peacock in a dream, the explanation can be approached in two different ways:
– Be careful of displaying your pride and self-confidence. You may be leaning towards arrogance.
– In a positive sense, to see a peacock in your dream can mean that you have a chance of prestige and success in your love life and job.

Need another explanation?

Did a peacock come unexpectedly on your path or in your dreams? Share your dream or experience with us and be as specific as possible and we’ll help you with the interpretation.

Brief summary

This article gave you more clarity about:
– Spiritual meaning of the peacock.
– Symbolism of the peacock.
– What does it mean when a peacock crosses your path?
– The peacock as a dream symbol / the peacock as a sign in your dreams / dreaming about a peacock

Small note

Noticed any spelling mistakes in this article? That might be possible! You see, this article is translated by Barbara herself and English is only the third foreign language she’s learned so please be gentle. Should you note a large mistake, please let us know so we can provide clear and flawless texts to our readers.
Big namaste to you!

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